Withdrawal & Leave of Absence

The university may grant you permission for leave of absence or honorable withdrawal if you are in good standing but do not want to retain your class status.

Students are in good standing if they are not subject to academic probation or disqualification, professional disqualification, or disciplinary disqualification. You can petition for honorable withdrawal or leave of absence online in the student portal.  However, before starting the online process, please consult with your school or program, Student Health and Counseling Services, and, if applicable, the Student Financial Aid Office and the International Students and Scholars Office to discuss your plans, as withdrawal and leave of absence may have consequences for your academic plans, health insurance, financial aid and loans, and any visa.

For a leave of absence, you can select a readmission term at the time you request the leave of absence.  We encourage you to indicate your readmission term because, otherwise, a leave of absence may affect access to electronic systems.  If you do not know your readmission term, please apply for readmission once your quarter of return is certain.

Learn how withdrawal and leave of absence may affect access to electronic systems.


Some veterans may be eligible for special benefits upon readmission:

  • The same enrollment status and academic standing in the same program into which they were previously admitted;
  • Enrollment Into classes in the next term beginning after the student applies for readmission;
  • In the academic year of readmission, the same tuition and fee charges that the student would have been assessed if the student had not left UCSF for military service.

To be eligible for these benefits, veterans must:

  • Write on their withdrawal petition that military service is the reason for the leave of absence;
  • Not be absent for more than five years;
  • Submit a petition for readmission and, upon submitting that petition, provide documentation of military service.