Preferred First Names

Some schools and programs allow new students to specify a preferred first name when they apply for admission. For these students, the Office of the Registrar will pass the preferred first name to various campus systems including Exchange (e-mail), WeID (ID badge), and the Collaborative Learning Environment (Moodle).  These systems will use the preferred first name instead of the legal first name. Faculty course and grading rosters show the preferred first name and legal last name only. Other systems may show both legal first name and preferred first name.

Students who did not specify a preferred first name during the admission process will have another opportunity to enter a preferred first name when they upload a photo in the student portal for their ID badge. This preferred first name will propagate to other campus systems but will not automatically update their name in Exchange (e-mail).

At any time after admission, students can update their preferred first name on the "My Profile" tab in the student portal. In addition, the Office of the Registrar can submit requests to update e-mail names in Exchange. Due to limitations in some campus systems, please do not include special characters, such as letters with accent marks.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar by e-mail for questions relating to names.