Course Catalog Changes

When a faculty member or instructional program decides to offer a new course, or make changes to or delete an existing one, appropriate course approvals must be obtained.

The Academic Senate's Course Review system, as well as submission deadlines, tutorials, and other information are available at the Academic Senate Web site.

All new courses and existing course edits must be approved by the chair of department/division, the school curriculum committee, and dean of school. Upon final approval by the Academic Senate's Committee on Courses of Instruction the course catalog will be updated.

The Course Catalog is available online and is maintained by the Registrar's Office.

Some course changes do not require the approval of COCOI. Those changes are:

  1. Instructor changes
  2. The quarter in which a course is offered
  3. Location changes

These changes still require approval by the department or division chair, as well as the approval of the school curriculum committee and dean of school.

Contact Kate Dargan in the Academic Senate at 476-1308 for questions.

To ensure that courses appear in the Course Catalog in a timely way, deadlines have been adopted to accommodate review by the Committee on Courses of Instruction, and the process of catalog updating.

If a course form submission is late, there is no guarantee that the information will appear in the catalog, or be available for the Study List Filing period.