UCSF Photo ID Card

All UCSF students need a UCSF photo ID card. Students are required to display their UCSF ID card at all times while on premises that UCSF owns or operates.  The ID card also will provide access to perimeter and interior doors.

We offer two options for you to obtain your ID card. For your convenience, we strongly recommend that you upload a photo before arriving on campus.

Upload a Photo to Student Portal

You can upload a photo using the "Upload UCSF ID Photo" link in the "Other Tasks" sidebar on the right side of the screen in the student portal. WeID Office staff will review your photo. You will receive e-mail notifying you if your photo was accepted or if you need to submit a new one. After your photo is accepted, your UCSF ID card will be printed and available for pick up only at the Parnassus WeID Office. Please show your original driver license, passport, or other valid form of identification to receive your UCSF ID card.

By uploading your photo, you will save time because you will not need to make an appointment at the WeID Office during a busy time of year, and you will avoid lines.

Please follow the instructions on the "Upload UCSF ID Photo" page carefully. The instructions contain important information about photo quality, and the instructions will tell you exactly when you can pick up your card.

Visit WeID Office for Photo

If you would like the WeID Office to take your photo:

  1. You may need an appointment. Please follow instructions from your school or program administrator. You may be assigned to a group appointment slot during orientation, or you may need to make an individual appointment;
  2. Arrive on time at the WeID Office location at either Parnassus or Mission Bay;
  3. Present your original driver license, passport, or other valid form of identification to WeID Office staff; and
  4. Advise WeID Office staff of any preferred first name that differs from your legal first name.

After taking your photo, WeID Office staff will show you a preview of your ID card so you can verify spelling of your name. Once the card is satisfactory, WeID Office staff will print your card and test it. Any door access associated with your card will be available after approximately one hour.

Your name on your government-issued identification must exactly match your name in the Office of the Registrar's student information system or in the UCSF payroll system. We cannot accept copies of identification documents.

Other Information

Report lost or stolen cards immediately.

ID cards are the property of the University of California. Students must return their ID card when they graduate or end active student status. Please refer to the ID card policy for more details.

WeID Office Locations


Millberry Union, Room G-18 (located on the P-7 level of Millberry Union)
500 Parnassus Avenue

Mission Bay

Genentech Hall, Room 124