Student Disability Services

Congratulations, and welcome to UCSF!

We are happy to provide you with information about Student Disability Services (SDS) at UCSF. Below you will find information regarding disability accommodations, services, and housing. You may also wish to review the information we have put together for prospective students on the SDS Web site.

Accommodations and Services

To request accommodations, please start by completing the online application for accommodations and providing documentation of your disability. Please note that once SDS receives your application, SDS will review it and contact you. If you have questions or do not have documentation, please do not hesitate to contact SDS to discuss further. [email protected]


For students requiring accommodations for housing, please indicate this request on your application and on your housing application. Note that additional procedures for requesting housing accommodations are required, and full information can be found on the Housing Web site. Housing on campus is limited at times, so we encourage you not to delay in submitting your housing accommodation request.

**Most Importantly**

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment for a meeting with our office.  We will be happy to discuss your specific situation.

Please note that any forms and disability documentation can be submitted to [email protected]. E-mail is the most effective method of communication with SDS.

We look forward to working with you, and again, congratulations and welcome to UCSF!


Student Disability Services Team