Student Health & Counseling Services

Immunization Requirements

Graduate students new to UCSF are required to meet immunization, TB screening, and COVID-19 requirements in accordance with the UC Immunization Policy and UC COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

Professional students also are required to meet immunization, TB, and COVID-19 requirements. However, immunization requirements for professional students are more extensive than the requirements in the UC Immunization Policy because professional students have patient care responsibilities. The Professional Student Immunization Requirements list provides clarification.

All information will be kept confidential as part of your health record.

  • Nursing and Physical Therapy students have additional requirements to submit to See communication from your school and SHCS regarding those requirements.
  • You may need to schedule an appointment with your health-care provider to receive services, so make sure you don't leave your health requirements until the last minute!

Student Health Insurance Plan Waiver

Students who have a health insurance plan that meets the minimum benefits level will be eligible to waive the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP).

All minimum benefit requirements must be met in order to waive the UC SHIP.

Please go to the Student Health Insurance Waiver page to find the waiver criteria and deadlines for your program and to learn how to apply.