Information Technology (IT)


E-mail and More

The Email Online system is hosted on the Microsoft Exchange platform. In addition to e-mail, Email Online provides a fully integrated calendar.

Please direct questions about e-mail to the IT Service Desk.  However, if you did not receive your e-mail login credentials, please contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.


MyAccess is an authentication service used for many online systems and services including the student portal, the financial aid portal, the Collaborative Learning Environment (Moodle), wireless Internet access, and the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

To log in to MyAccess, use the same user ID and password as you use for e-mail.

Learn more about MyAccess.

For MyAccess customer support, contact the IT Service Desk at (415) 514-4100 or [email protected].

Remote Connectivity - Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Many campus electronic resources, such as library databases and site-licensed software, are restricted to use by members of the UCSF community.  VPN provides secure remote access to the UCSF network.

Access VPN with the same user ID and password as you use for e-mail.

Learn more about VPN.

VPN is for use by UCSF students, faculty, and staff only.

Sharing VPN access with individuals who are not members of the UCSF community poses a security risk to all members of the UCSF computing environment.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

When you access certain applications, such as e-mail and VPN, from outside the UCSF network, you may need to use Duo two-factor authentication.  Two-factor authentication verifies your identity on a separate device (e.g., your smartphone) through a 3rd party application, Duo.  Read more (steps 1 and 2 do not apply to new students).

IT Service Desk

If you require assistance using IT services, please contact the IT Service Desk by visiting or calling (415) 514-4100.  You also can send e-mail to [email protected].

IT Security

UCSF is committed to protecting the security of our data, networks, and systems used to advance the UCSF Mission. Every person within the UCSF ecosystem plays a critical role in safeguarding our systems from threats to availability, integrity, and confidentiality. The following links will help you stay safe and secure online:

IT Security: Home to IT Security standards, guidance, tools, and tips to help you perform your work securely.

Awareness: Monthly Information on IT Security Topics, Short Quizzes and Prizes. Everyone wins a prize!

Software Download: List of security software you can download to help protect your computer (MyAccess login required).

Recommended Security Products: Several recommended products you can buy to help you meet the minimum security standard.

Also, if you’re not using a UCSF IT-managed computer, you are required to install the UCSF Security Suite to encrypt your computer and to ensure you get all the latest security patches.