Changes To Study List

After study list filing opens, you can add courses, drop courses, and, for some courses, change the instructor, units, or grading option. You can make these changes online on the "Study List" tab in the student portal until study list filing closes. Study list filing dates are here.

To change your study list after the study list filing period closes, you can initiate your request online. Your request will be routed electronically to the designated approvers for your program. At the top of the Student Portal landing page, use the "Study List & Grades" menu to go to the study list page and use the term drop-down menu to navigate to the relevant study list; then:

  • If dropping or changing, select the "Request Drop" or "Request Change" button in the same row as the relevant course
  • If adding, select the "Request Add" button in the same row as the term header
  • Note: if you are switching instructors for a STAFF course, submit a change petition; if you are switching courses, e.g. from 415 to 416, submit a drop petition for 415 and then an add petition for 416

Special registration procedures apply to students in the MS-HAIL program.

Medical students using MedHub to manage course enrollments should use MedHub, not the student portal, to change course enrollments. For courses that are not in MedHub, these students should contact [email protected].

Change requests for prior terms, or requests submitted after the 7th week of instruction in the current term, are normally declined unless there is a compelling reason to approve; please discuss late requests with your program prior to submitting petitions.