Stanford Exchange

The Stanford University-UCSF Exchange Program enables a regularly enrolled, full-time, matriculated students to take courses on the host campus that are not available at the home institution. Whenever possible, arrangements should be made between appropriate faculty representatives on both campuses to assure that courses will be available to students. No charge applies to the student on either institution.

NOTE: Due to Covid-19 please check with the Stanford Office of the Registrar prior to beginning the application process.


  • The exchange program is open only to registered graduate students.
  • Students may enroll for only one course per quarter at the host institution.
  • Tuition and/or fees are paid only at the home campus. A Stanford student paying less than full tuition is charged for the UCSF units at the Stanford rate.
  • The exchange program does not operate during the summer.
  • The host campus may restrict enrollment of exchange students in courses where there is high demand.
  • UCSF students must submit a request for official transcript at Stanford to be sent to UCSF for inclusion of the grade on their permanent record at UCSF.

Complete an application for Stanford University-UCSF Exchange Program.

  • Students obtain an application for the exchange from their home campus.
  • A new form is required for each quarter.
  • Students must contact the course instructor for permission to enroll in the course.
  • Five signatures are required on the exchange form: the student's adviser, the Graduate Dean on the home campus, the instructor at the host institution, the graduate Dean of the host campus, and the Registrar at the home institution.
  • Students must submit the completed application to the appropriate coordinating office by the end of the third week of classes of the quarter of proposed enrollment.
  • UCSF students do not list the Stanford courses on their study list.  However, this task will be completed for them by the UCSF Registrar's Office.
  • At the end of the quarter, after grades have been reported to the registrar at the host institution, UCSF students have to request an official transcript at Stanford to be sent to UCSF for inclusion of the grade on their permanent record at UCSF.

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