Diploma Certification for the Boards

Two options exist to obtain a certified copy of your diploma.

M.D. Students Graduating Since Spring 2011

If you graduated with an M.D. degree in spring 2011 or later, or you will graduate with an M.D. degree in the current term, you can order a certified copy of your diploma online in the student portal. The fee is $10. When you place your order, you will have the option of including a transcript along with the certified copy of your diploma.

If you are near graduation but your degree has not posted yet, the online ordering process for transcripts and certified copies of diplomas will ask you whether you want your order to be held until your degree has posted. You can select this option, but whenever you include a certified copy of a diploma, your order will automatically be held until we receive a copy of your diploma. We will receive a copy of your diploma eight to 12 weeks after your degree posts.

Former students who no longer have MyAccess single sign-on can learn how to access the student portal.

If you cannot place your order online, you can follow the process described below for other students.

Other Students

Please send a photocopy of your original UCSF diploma to us. However, you do not need to send us a copy of your diploma if you received an M.D. degree after 1995, as we have a copy of your diploma already.

We will certify your copy for you for a fee of $10. Please advise us of the name and address or fax number ($5 extra for fax) to which we should send the certified copy. Please sign and date your written request.

Mail your request to:
Transcript & Diploma Unit
UCSF Office of the Registrar
UCSF Box 0244
500 Parnassus Avenue MU-200W
San Francisco CA 94143

Fax: (415) 476-9690

If you have questions, please call (415) 476-8280.