How To Register

Prior to each quarter in which we expect you to enroll, we will notify you by e-mail that registration information, deadlines, and your fee statement are available.  If you have not received our e-mail message at least 6 weeks before the start date of the quarter, please call us at 415-476-8280 or e-mail us.

Please complete the following steps each quarter to register:

  1. Log in to the student portal and check your fees statement;
  2. Check the “Summary” tab or “Holds” tab for registration holds;
  3. Enroll in courses (file your study list) by your deadline;
  4. If necessary, update your address and expected graduation term;
  5. Pay your fees by the deadline.

Special Note for Summer Session
If your program does not require you to register in summer and you wish to register for summer session, please fill out a summer session application. See our summer session information page for more information.

Special Procedures for MS-HAIL Students
Special registration procedures apply to students in the MS-HAIL program.

Study List Filing

Students in some programs must enroll in a minimum number of courses or units by a deadline approximately 4 weeks before the quarter begins. Check the "Summary" tab in the student portal for your enrollment deadline. If you receive financial aid, you will need to meet your minimum enrollment requirement before we will release your financial aid. Read more about study list filing.


Please log in to the student portal before each quarter begins and check the “Summary” tab or “Holds” tab to ensure that you do not have any registration holds. You will not be able to complete your study list filing (course enrollment) if you have a hold, nor will you receive financial aid funds. 

The student portal will provide contact information for the office that placed the hold.

Address Information

When necessary, the Office of the Registrar will send mail to your local (mailing) address. You also may provide a permanent residence address and an emergency contact address. Please keep your addresses up to date using the “Addresses” tab in the student portal.

The Office of the Registrar requires all students to maintain a valid local (mailing) address at all times. The Office of the Registrar may use this mailing address to communicate important information to you.

Expected Graduation Term

Please keep your expected graduation term accurate and up to date. An incorrect expected graduation term may delay your registration or cause lenders to require you to begin repaying your student loans.

Please update your expected graduation term on the “Summary” tab in the student portal.

Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

If you do not intend to register, please contact the Office of the Registrar to complete a form to document your leave of absence or withdrawal.