Study List Filing

To enroll in courses each quarter, you need to file a study list. Your study list shows the courses in which you are enrolled, the number of units, the instructor, and the grading option.

Special registration procedures apply to students in the MS-HAIL program.

Medical students using MedHub to manage course enrollments should use MedHub, not the student portal, to change course enrollments. For courses that are not in MedHub, these students should contact [email protected].

Early Course Enrollment

Study list filing normally opens 7 weeks prior to the start of the quarter. 

Students in some programs must enroll in a minimum number of courses or units by a deadline approximately 4 weeks before the quarter begins.  Please check the "Summary" tab in the student portal for the enrollment deadlines that apply to you. You need to clear your holds before you can complete your minimum enrollment requirements.

If you receive financial aid, you will need to meet your minimum enrollment requirement before we will release your financial aid.

Special note: For your convenience, you may be pre-enrolled in your required courses. However, you will need to accept these courses before they will be added to your study list.  You also will need to add any additional courses (e.g. electives) to your study list.

Change Period

After study list filing opens, you can add courses, drop courses, and, for some courses, change the instructor, units, or grading option.  You can make these changes online on the "Study List" tab in the student portal until study list filing closes.  Please review our study list filing dates.

To change your study list after the study list filing period closes, you can submit an online petition via the "Study List" tab in the student portal.  Your request will be routed electronically to the designated approvers for your program. Change requests for prior terms, or requests submitted after the 7th week of instruction in the current term, are normally declined unless there is a compelling reason to approve; please discuss late requests with your program prior to submitting petitions.

If you do not file a study list by the date on which study list filing closes, you will need to add courses via petition; petitions are initiated on the "Study List" tab in the student portal. Failure to complete all registration requirements by the end of third week of instruction in any term will lead to your registration for the term being canceled.

Study List Filing Dates

Term Date
Winter 2024 October 30, 2023 – January 26, 2024
Spring 2024 February 12 – April 19, 2024