Faculty Portal

In July 2019, the Office of the Registrar, in conjunction with Student Information Systems, released an upgrade of the faculty portal. Improvements include:

  • Faculty now have full control over replacement of provisional grades with final grades; students will no longer submit petitions;
  • Grade corrections can be done on-line;
  • In-progress grades can be managed by the instructor or, in many cases, updated automatically.

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MyAccess Authentication

Use your MyAccess credentials to log in to the faculty portal. The faculty portal also appears in the MyAccess applications menu.

User Interface

  • The “Summary” landing page presents the most urgent action items in logical order;
  • Preferred first names for students appear on course and grading rosters;
  • You can view graded and ungraded students in separate lists: Radio button image
  • Columns can be sorted; click the column headers to sort the lists;
  • Grading history shows who assigned grades and when.


The delegation feature allows an instructor of record to delegate administrative tasks to staff or to delegate grading rights to co-instructors. Delegation is done by term and by course. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires delegates to have a legitimate educational interest in a course prior to being given delegated access.

There are three levels of delegation available:

  • Approve Grades – Instructors who are already associated with a course via the Course Catalog can be delegated full grading rights. Grades they enter are final and are reported to the registrar.
  • Propose Grades – Any member of the UCSF community can be given grade proposal rights. For example, a staff member acting as a course administrator can propose grades. Grade proposals will generate an e-mail to the instructor of record. Before being reported to the registrar, proposed grades must be reviewed and approved by either the instructor of record or a delegate with grade approval rights.
  • View Roster – Any member of the UCSF community can be given roster viewing rights. For example, students acting as course coordinators for electives can be given viewing rights to assist in performing their duties, such as monitoring enrollments and attendance.

How to Assign a Delegate

  1. On the “Delegates” tab, select a term and course.
  2. If a course has associated instructors, they can be assigned full grading rights (see #5). For all other situations, enter a person’s name or Employee ID and click “search.” If searching by name, matches can be made from partial names.
  3. Choose a level of delegation to assign and click “Add delegate.” Delegates will be sent an e-mail containing basic instructions.
  4. Delegation rights can be added, changed, or removed as needed. They are valid for only one term.

If a course has one or more associated instructors eligible for full grading rights, but they are not shown in the Course Catalog, they can be added via the Senate Course Review System.

Watch a short video demonstrating the process of reviewing and approving proposed grades.