Readmission After Absence

A Readmission Application is required for all students who have not been registered for one quarter or more.

Readmission Application must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar six weeks prior to the start of the readmission quarter. Some schools or programs may have an earlier deadline, so check with your school or program.  The application fee is $40; the fee is non refundable and non transferred to another quarter.

Official transcripts of any college work attempted while on leave from the university must be submitted to the Graduate Division or the professional school office responsible for approving readmission.

Office of the Registrar, Student Health and Counseling Services, and program or school clearance is required before a returning student may register. See the Readmission Application for details.

Students who do not register for more than one quarter must submit a Statement of Legal Residence.

Students who return in summer quarter must pay a supplemental student health fee.


Some veterans may be eligible for special benefits upon readmission: