Financial Aid

The Student Financial Aid Office has a dedicated staff here to help you.  For general financial aid information, please visit the Student Financial Aid Web site.  Check on your personal financial aid by visiting the financial aid portal.

Grants and Scholarships

Grants and scholarships do not need to be repaid. They are the best source of financial assistance, but funds are limited. Maximize your eligibility by following the directions and applying for full funding if you need money to help pay your college expenses. UCSF grants and scholarships are based almost exclusively on an assessment of need, and there is a requirement for an annual re-evaluation.

Student Loans

Find details about loan attributes, such as interest rates and repayment terms, on the Student Financial Aid Web site.  Student Financial Aid awards the maximum loan amount(s) possible based on your eligibility, beginning with loans that have the lowest interest rates and/or best repayment options. 


The Student Financial Aid Office has a resource advisor who creates educational programs about loan debt and credit and financial strategies for student success. Watch for Daniel Roddick’s name. He will get to know you well and will be a great resource for your debt management needs as you go through school.

In addition to Daniel, you have been assigned a financial aid counselor who will always be available to help you resolve financial issues, so be sure to contact Student Financial Aid if you have questions.

The entire Student Financial Aid Office is looking forward to meeting you when school begins this fall.