Student Transit Pass

UCSF students passed a referendum in spring 2023 to assess a Student Transit Pass fee effective fall 2023. The annual fee for 2023-24 is $272.00, to be collected as $91 in fall 2023, $91 in winter 2024, and $90 in spring 2024. Students will receive a transit pass for unlimited rides on vehicles that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency ("Muni") operates, except for cable cars. This pass will not provide free rides on BART or any other transit agency. For the first year, the pass will be valid from September 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024.

The Student Transit Pass fee is mandatory for all students except students in fully online programs (MS-HAIL and Supplemental Studies in Advanced Practice in Nursing - Distance).

When students graduate, take a leave of absence, withdraw during a quarter, are dismissed, or otherwise are not registered, the pass will terminate at the end of the last quarter in which they paid the fee (or on June 30, if the last quarter of payment was spring). The Student Transit Pass fee is not refundable.

Additional details about the program are available from the Transportation Office.