Student Portal "My Profile" Tab

Students can provide or update the following information on the "My Profile" tab in the student portal.  Further information about these fields appears below.


You can select from a list of pronouns.  Functionality will be implemented in early 2019 to allow staff and faculty to see your pronoun when viewing records in the Student Information System. The Student Information System currently does not pass pronouns to other electronic systems on campus, but if this functionality is implemented in the future, pronouns likely would pass to other systems along with existing information from student records.

Preferred First Name

UCSF may have collected this information initially during the admission process. Depending on practices in your program, staff and reviewers may have had access to this information. Information from admission files likely was uploaded to the Office of the Registrar’s Student Information System. Your e-mail address may have been created using preferred first name if this information was available at the time of account creation.

Many electronic systems on campus display preferred first name instead of legal first name. The Office of the Registrar displays both preferred first name and legal first name to faculty on course rosters. When you update your preferred first name, many systems will start displaying your preferred first name within a few days. However, to change your e-mail address, please update your preferred first name, wait at least one business day, and then contact the IT Service Desk to submit your request.

For operational reasons, staff in schools, programs, and central offices who have access to your records in the Student Information System will be able to see both your legal first name and your preferred first name.