Titles Eligible for Extra Units or Courses

Employees in the following titles are eligible for Reduced Fee Enrollment when they enroll in courses of up to 12 units or four courses per quarter:

Occupational Health Nurse I
Occupational Health Nurse II
Occupational Health Nurse III
Administrative Nurse V
Administrative Nurse IV
Clinical Nurse V
Coordinator Transplant I
Coordinator Transplant II
Home Health Nurse IV - Supervisor
Home Health Nurse III
Home Health Nurse II
Home Health Nurse I
Administrative Nurse I - Supervisor
Clinical Nurse IV - Supervisor
Clinical Nurse III - Supervisor
Clinical Nurse II - Supervisor
Nurse Manager
Administrative Nurse
Administrative Nurse III
Administrative Nurse II
Administrative Nurse I
Clinical Nurse IV
Clinical Nurse III
Clinical Nurse II
Clinical Nurse I
Principal Nurse Anesthetist
Senior Nurse Anesthetist
Nurse Anesthetist
Senior Nurse Anesthetist - Supervisor
Nurse Practitioner III
Nurse Practitioner II
Nurse Practitioner I
Nurse Practitioner III - Supervisor
Nurse Practitioner II - Supervisor