California School Attendance

A student will be exempt from paying Nonresident Supplemental Tuition until the student fulfills the residency requirement if the student meets the following four requirements: time and course, degree or units, nonimmigrant, and affidavit

Time and Coursework

Total attendance of, or attainment of credits earned while in California equivalent to, three or more years of full-time total attendance or attainment of credits at any of the following:

a. California high schools;

b. California adult schools (includes non-credit community college courses; full-time attendance is defined as a minimum of 420 hours per school year);

c. California community colleges (full-time attendance is defined as a minimum of 12 credit units per semester or quarter equivalent, not to exceed a total attendance of two years full-time attendance; total credits can be earned on a part-time basis, not to exceed 48 credit units per semester or quarter equivalent).


Three years of California high school coursework in California and three years of total attendance in California elementary schools, California secondary schools, or any combination of the two.

Degree or Units

Students must meet one of the following requirements:

a. Graduation from a California high school (or attainment of the equivalent):

i. A diploma from a California high school;

ii. A High School Equivalency Certificate issued by the California State GED Office;

iii. A Certificate of Proficiency resulting from a California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE).

b. Attainment of an associate’s degree from a California Community College while in California; or

c. Fulfillment of minimum transfer requirements from a California community college to a UC or CSU campus.

Nonimmigrant Status

The student must be a nonimmigrant as defined by federal immigration law.


The student must complete an affidavit stating that if he/she does not have a lawful immigration status, he/she has filed an application to legalize his/her immigration status or will file such an application as soon as he/she is eligible to do so.