Grade Changes

Grading Errors

Grades submitted on-line can be changed during the first 24 hours after submission.

For all other grade changes (except for invalid grades), instructors can submit grade corrections by sending an e-mail (from their UCSF email account) to Associate Registrar Jeff Harter.  Academic Senate policy permits grade corrections only for procedural or administrative errors.  The memo must explain the error and identify the course, quarter, old grade, new grade, and student name.  The Office of the Registrar will then solicit concurrence from the appropriate program director, chair, or dean.

Provisional Grades

I, E, Y and NP: To convert a provisional grade to a final grade, the student should file a Removal of Provisional Grade petition with the Office of the Registrar. 

The Office of the Registrar will forward the petition to the instructor, who will submit the completed petition to the Office of the Registrar. We do not accept completed petitions from students.

Faculty should not accept petitions directly from students, nor should they complete the faculty section of the petition and provide it to a student.  Students must begin the process at the Office of the Registrar.

In-Progress Grades
UP (Unsatisfactory progress)
UP grades (used by the School of Dentistry) remain on a student’s transcript until the course sequence concludes with a final grade.

UP grades are not changed prior to the conclusion of the course (even if subsequent quarters are graded SP) and cannot be addressed via the Removal of Provisional Grade petition.

If a student passes the course, the Office of the Registrar converts all UP grades to SP grades. If the student does not pass the course, the UP grades remain on the transcript.

IP (In Progress)

The IP grade is a placeholder grade for courses extending beyond one quarter.

The Office of the Registrar converts IP grades to the final grade after the course sequence concludes with a final grade.

Invalid grades

The on-line grading system can allow, in some cases, the submission of invalid grades (e.g., IP instead of P, or grades for the current term rather than the prior term). The Office of the Registrar can resolve these types of grading errors without a signed memo.  Simply send e-mail to Associate Registrar Jeff Harter.