Grade Submission Deadlines

Grade submission deadlines for summer 2018:

School of Dentistry October 5, 2018
School of Medicine November 9, 2018
School of Nursing September 24, 2018
School of Pharmacy, 4th-year courses October 5, 2018
School of Pharmacy, 1st-year courses October 12, 2018
Graduate Programs September 24, 2018
Health Policy and Law November 2, 2018


Grade submission deadlines for spring 2018:

School of Dentistry July 6, 2018
School of Medicine August 13, 2018
School of Nursing June 29, 2018
School of Pharmacy, non-APPE courses June 22, 2018
School of Pharmacy, APPE courses July 9, 2018
Graduate Programs June 29, 2018
Health Policy and Law July 6, 2018


To view your grades, log in to the student portal.

Faculty enter grades on-line; the grades appear in the student portal immediately; for 3rd- and 4th-year MD students, grades appear the following day.

If you are missing a grade, and the deadline for grade submission has passed, you should contact your instructor.